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  • AC Motor Control System
    Digital Power & Motion's AC Motor Control System is a network of Embedded Variable Frequency Drives connected to a main Sequencer, actually a custom Programmable Logic Controller, to orchestrate their motion. At each VFD, one or more Magnetic Encoders work to track the position of an alternating pole magnetic strip.
  • Variable Frequency Drive Sequencer
    Digital Power & Motion's Sequencer is designed to control a network of Variable Frequency Drives. Generically though, it is simply a custom Programmable Logic Controller with inputs, outputs, network ports and a user interface.
  • Embedded Variable Frequency Drive
    Digital Power & Motion's Embedded Variable Frequency Drive is actually like a custom Programmable Logic Controller with an AC Motor Controller peripheral built in. It can take digital inputs, feedback from encoders, and commands from an isolated CAN or Modbus RTU interface and control the speed and direction of the motor load.
  • Magnetic Encoder
    The Digital Power & Motion Magnetic Encoder is designed to track the position of a linear or circular ring magnet of alternating poles. It communicates its position to a controller via Modbus RTU over RS-485.
  • EVFD Expansion Module
    Digital Power & Motion's EVFD Expansion Module can act as a stand-alone programmable controller or can act as an expansion module for our VFDs.
  • Brushed DC Motor Speed Controller
    Digital Power & Motion's Brushed DC Motor Controller is designed to control the speed and direction of a small DC motor. The user interface consists of a center-detent potentiometer to control the direction and speed of the motor and a bi-color LED to provide visual feedback.
  • C Code Snippets
    Digital Power & Motion is offering a few C Code Snippets in complete packages at a very low cost. These C Code Snippet Packages come as a zip file containing all code and project files necessary to run on several Microchip Evaluation Board platforms.