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Embedded Variable Frequency Drive

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Digital Power & Motion's Embedded Variable Frequency Drive is actually like a custom Programmable Logic Controller with an AC Motor Controller peripheral built in.  It can take digital inputs, feedback from encoders, and commands from an isolated CAN or Modbus RTU interface and control the speed and direction of the motor load.  It has a sealed enclosure and is designed to operate without fans or vents in a hostile environment.  It can operate independently of any external controller, or it can be commanded by our VFD Sequencer thousands of feet away using the built in CAN port.  This version of the drive/controller is characterized by these specifications, though it can be customized to your own product's needs: 

  • Motor Control:
    • 120-240 VAC 3φ.
    • Up to 2HP intermittent duty.
    • 6.5A 50% duty cycle at 50 °C ambient.
    • Power circuitry designed for up to 15A for robustness.  Digital Power & Motion typically designs in a 50% safety margin.
    • Dynamic braking for dissipating regenerative power.
    • Warnings and shutdowns for DC Link under/over voltage and motor over current.
    • Higher power possible with different IGBT modules.
    • Lower power and miniaturization possible. 
  • Network Interfaces:
    • Fully isolated CAN port with 24VDC input and shield connection.  Includes automatic node address assignment - no setting of address switches or jumpers is necessary.
    • Fully isolated Modbus RTU RS-485 port for Encoder Network, connection of Expansion Modules, or SCADA controllers/monitors.
    • Network configuration and inspection of over 50 registers.  See video on VFD Sequencer page.
  • Inputs:
    • Six fully isolated 24VDC NPN inputs with LED status indication.  24VDC is provided - only the switch is necessary.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Drive software can be upgraded over the CAN network.
    • 16-bit Digital Signal Processor with 3φ motor PWM for high throughput computing.
    • Non-volatile memory for storage of parameters and event history. 
    • Power Input: 100-260VAC 50/60Hz single phase input with replaceable 15A fuse for motor circuitry and 1A resettable fuse for control circuitry.
    • Environmental: -40 to 85 °C no load.  Derated to -40 to 50 °C for 6.5A @ 50% DC.
    • Safety Agency Approval:  UL 508 approved.
    • Heavy duty pluggable terminal blocks keyed for proper placement.
    • Heavy duty cast aluminum enclosure.  NEMA 4 rating coming soon.
    • DC Link power LED status indication.
    • Controller LED status indication through multiple flash codes.
    • LED light brought safely to enclosure's cover via electrically insulated light pipes. 
    • Polycarbonate graphic overlay customized to the "look and feel" of Customer's product.
  • Expansion Module Features:
    • Six additional 24VDC inputs with LED status indication.
    • Six normally open dry contacts (1FormA) rated 8A @ 250VAC with LED status indication.
    • Two analog inputs configurable for multiple voltage/current inputs.
    • Absolute encoder interface via Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI).  An RJ-45 jack is provided for this enabling direct connection to Fraba absolute encoders.
    • Incremental encoder interface via quadrature NPN inputs.
    • Modbus RTU RS-485 port.